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On this page I will post my ratings and comments on Nintendo 64,
PC, and Sega DREAMCAST games as well as some cheat codes.

The highest rating will be 5 halos: Halo Games sutable for ADULTS ONLY will get: Adult halo


Blue dot with drop shadowStarfox 64 HaloHaloHalo HaloHalo
A GREAT game! The only problem(?) is the 15 to 20 minute (non-stop) length of each segment.

Blue dot with drop shadowMRC (Multi-Racing Championship) HaloHaloHalo Halo Half halo
Lotsa fun, and REPLAYS!

Blue dot with drop shadowGoldeneye 007 Adult haloAdult haloAdult halo Adult haloAdult halo
Intense but fun! Try throwing a knife and hitting someone in the butt! If you have any tips on getting through the last four boards on 007 please e-mail me.

Blue dot with drop shadowNascar '99 HaloHaloHalo Half halo
Not bad, but there is NO WAY to eliminate the "push" and I've never seen a car stay strait at 180mph with the wheels turned all the way!

Blue dot with drop shadowMario Kart 64 HaloHaloHalo HaloHalo
Good handling, several good tracks. Wish there were a way to disable the weapons.

Blue dot with drop shadowForsaken HaloHaloHalo
3-D movement is great, but the boards are a little small and the game is a little tedious.

Blue dot with drop shadowTurok Adult haloAdult haloAdult halo Adult haloAdult halo
Very challenging, lots of action! Very graphic violence.

Blue dot with drop shadowTurok 2 Adult haloAdult haloAdult halo Adult haloAdult halo
As good as or better than the first!

Blue dot with drop shadowHexen images/HaloHaloHalo
Not bad, but I never could get the hang of moving a person with a stick! Is it SO hard to make the controller configurable?

Blue dot with drop shadowMission: Impossible HaloHaloHalo Half halo
Not as much violence as Bond or Turok. Fun but you have to move with the STICK!

Blue dot with drop shadowSanFrancisco Rush HaloHaloHalo HaloHalo
Another GREAT game! Fantastic car handling and WRECKS! You can also spend hours just playing & doing stunts.

Blue dot with drop shadowRush 2 HaloHaloHalo HaloHalo
Better than #1 !!!

Blue dot with drop shadowTop Gear rally HaloHalo
The only way to feel any speed at all is with the winshield view.

Blue dot with drop shadowTop Gear Overdrive HaloHaloHalo
Definate improvement over Top Gear Rally, but not very realistic wrecks!

Blue dot with drop shadowGT 64 HaloHaloHalo HaloHalf halo
THE best power-sliding! My only complaint is lack of tracks.

Blue dot with drop shadowMonster Truck Madness HaloHaloHalo Halo
This NEW game is sure to be a hit! 4-player racing with truck SOCCER and HOCKEY! Plus you can drive all around the boards. UPDATE! This game just lost a halo because I found that you cannot save your initials with the fastest time! AND, it only saves ONE time! Why would ANYBODY make a racing game that you can't compare the top 5 times (at least!) and who made them!

Blue dot with drop shadowBeetle Adventure Racing HaloHaloHalo Halo
Good game, wonder why front-wheel-drive cars are made to have REAR-wheel drive?

Blue dot with drop shadowWave Race HaloHaloHalo HaloHalo
Another great game! Incredible wave action! If you should ever get tired of racing or stunts-for-points you can spend HOURS just playing on the ramps with a friend.

Blue dot with drop shadowSouth Park Adult haloAdult haloAdult halo Adult halo
Adults only because of language. This is a tentative rating as I haven't played it alot. But it will keep you laughing!

Blue dot with drop shadowHydro Thunder HaloHaloHalo
Fun but you run out of time if you look for shortcuts.

Blue dot with drop shadowS.C.A.R.S. HaloHaloHalo
Fun but nothing spectacular.

I'm working on more cheat codes...........


Blue dot with drop shadowMoto Racer HaloHaloHalo Half halo
Good game but not enough tracks.

Blue dot with drop shadowDriver HaloHaloHalo HaloHalo
Killer game! Fun just to "take a drive" and try to keep the cops off your tail ;-)


First let me say Sega was supposed to be at Software Etc. giving out door prizes including games so I went down (at midnight) and stood in line for 3hrs(!) since I can't afford a game right now. The Sega rep DIDN'T SHOW so NO DOOR PRIZES !

Blue dot with drop shadowHydro Thunder HaloHaloHalo
Fun but you run out of time if you look for shortcuts. (No better than N64)

Blue dot with drop shadowSega Rally 2 HaloHaloHalo HaloHalo
This game is what the Dreamcast is all about! Lotsa tracks. Kickin' powerslides and with the articulated throttle you have great control. My biggest beef is the brakes are not ajustable.

Blue dot with drop shadowRush 2049 HaloHaloHalo HaloHalo
Although the racing isn't quite as good as the previous two S.F. Rush games, there is a battle mode that makes up for it, therefore it earns 5 halos. Actually the racing would be fantastic if you could adjust the steering ratio....

Blue dot with drop shadowCrazy Taxi Adult haloAdult haloHalf Adult halo
Adults only because of the language. Fun & definitely crazy! Worth the $$$ if you can get it for 20 bucks.

Overall I'm still disappointed in the Dreamcast. The graphics are no better than N64, there is still pop-up (in most games), and the CONTROLLER WILL GIVE YOU CRAMPS AFTER JUST ONE RACE ! (The "Astro Pad" by Performance is a much bigger and better controller.) I am excited that it has an articulated throttle. Hope GT will also be available. Some friends are going to rent a game, I'll rate all that I can get my hands on. The games were supposed to cost $29.95 & $39.95 but the good ones are $49.95! - for a disk!

Here's the tech and hype from the Sega website.
Sega Dreamcast It's the ultimate videogame console: a polygon-crunching monster with power to spare. Sega Dreamcast creates incredible living worlds, and its stunning 3D graphics will leave your jaw on the floor(NOT!). And (if that's not already enough) Dreamcast will prepare you for an online revolution, taking the gaming experience far beyond the walls of your home. Peak graphics performance of over 3 million polygons per second provided by the PowerVR 2DC graphics engine for the fastest, most sophisticated 3D graphics ever seen on a videogame console. 128-bit 3D processing power provides amazing lighting and other special effects.

Built-in 56kbps modem for the ultimate in multiplayer online gaming. 24 megabytes of memory for huge, complex game worlds. 64-voice CD-quality audio. 4 built-in controller ports for easy multi-player action. Built-in high-speed expansion ports.

Dreamcast Controller Designed to ergonomic perfection (yeah, RIGHT! If you're a 3-year-old or a dwarf!), the Dreamcast Controller nestles comfortably in the hand yet offers blazingly fast response. Analog thumbpad plus 2 analog triggers. Digital d-pad plus 5 digital buttons. 2 built-in high-speed expansion slots.

Visual Memory Unit It's much more than a memory card. Now you can take parts of the game with you wherever you go: download game characters to the VMU and train them while on the bus; play standalone VMU-specific games in the car; connect to another VMU to trade files or compete against another person; share data between Sega Dreamcast and Naomi-based arcade machines. And when you plug the VMU into the controller, you have a private screen that cannot be seen by your opponent. This screen can be controlled by Sega Dreamcast and introduces a whole new strategic level of gameplay. Hi-resolution LCD. Built-in controller buttons and D-pad for standalone gameplay. Display secret information during Dreamcast gameplay. 200 blocks of memory space for plenty of game-saving power. Easy to save, trade, and copy save files Complete with cap to protect connector pins.

Jump Pack With its own built-in force feedback engine, the Jump Pack adds a whole new sensory experience to Sega Dreamcast games. Now you'll be able to actually feel those explosions, collisions, and crashes. Plugs into Dreamcast controller (Slot 2). Multiple levels of force feedback. Can function simultaneously with VMU. No batteries required.

RF Adapter Connects Sega Dreamcast to any television set, including those without audio/video input terminals. Designed exclusively for Sega Dreamcast. Hooks up easily to any television set

Fishing Controller It's the closest you can get to real-life fishing without the mosquitoes. Now you'll have no excuse for "the one that got away." Built-in motion sensor. Move the controller and the in-game rod reacts. Built-in vibration module. Feel the fish hit and fight. True-action reel for authentic gameplay. Analog stick and full complement of buttons for total control.

Dreamcast Keyboard Add full keyboard functionality to your Dreamcast. It's easy to use--simply plug into a Dreamcast controller port. Compatible with Dreamcast Internet browser. Adds full keyboard functionality to Sega Dreamcast.

NOTE: Nintendo 64 and Sega Dreamcast are copy-righted and all that other legal rot.
I am in no way affiliated with either company.
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