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Hotaru Sailor Angel

Purple animated bullit Cool for banners and bullets.
Purple animated bullit WebMonkey for HTML info.
Purple animated bullit Dr. Thaddeus Ozone for tutorials & fun page!
Purple animated bullit The B-Zone for HTML Buddy & Kaos Rhei.
Purple animated bullit Imaje Jen for thumbnail page for photos.
Purple animated bullit WsFTP for file transfer.
Purple animated bullit WEB counter for FREE counter.
Purple animated bullit Echo for java info & lots more.
Purple animated bullit GoldWave for audio recording.
Purple animated bullit Reptile for backgrounds and screen saver.
Purple animated bullit Pat's Web Graphics for roses in guestbook.
Purple animated bullit Steve Bergesch and family for info and help.
Purple animated bullit Beyond Space for MIDI's and more.
Purple animated bullit By Dezign also for MIDI's and more.
Purple animated bullit Rocket Rob for untold amount of help with this 'puter!
Purple animated bullit Kittie & Luna Cat for letting me use their art & angels.
Purple animated bullit Jimmy at for free guestbook.
Purple animated bullit WWW GIF Animator.
Purple animated bullit Animagic GIF.
Purple animated bullit GIFworks / Media Builder for lotsa cool animations.
Purple animated bullit PrintKey to save or print screen / active window.
Purple animated bullit For Midis: The Midi Web;The Midi Market; Waho;
Purple animated bullit Talking Box: not on webpage but definatly COOL!
Purple animated bullit WinZip for unzipping files.
Purple animated bullit Anfy Java for applets.
Purple animated bullit 1 Cool Button Tool for ( what else? ) buttons.
Purple animated bullit EasyScreen for screen capture and image compression.
Purple animated bullit The people at Prodigy Tech - you know who you are!

Note: Some things may or may not be on page at any given time.
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Triple Purple Stripe

Triple Purple Stripe


Dr. Thaddeus Ozone

Pat's Web Graphics

Kittie's Anime Angels

Sailor Moon and Friends


Cool Text

The B-Zone


Otaku World


Agent Download



Donna B.'s Kool Stuff

Anfy Java

1 Cool Button Tool

Triple Purple Stripe


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 Surrogate Creations 
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Ohio Injured Workers' Alliance, inc.
 Sir 0tter 
Adult comics & comix. 18 yrs. & older please! I "tweaked" this site (made graphics & layout changes).

Triple Purple Stripe

Hey! I made the animated bullets using Cool Text and WWW GIF Animator! I also made the animated "new" popups using WWW GIF Animator! You are welcome to use them but I would appreciate credit and a link back (and an e-mail) so I can get a big head!       0 ;- )