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Small blue bullit ......lets see... I don't know what anybody would find interesting, but here goes. First the basics: 49 yrs. old, Gemini, 6'2", 165 lbs., red hair (usually long-it grows fast!) w / beard. I did autobody repair, restoration, and custom paint for a living (semi-retired). Now building websites at Value Web,inc. 

Small blue bullit My interests are cars & bikes, music, photography, video games, computers, and spelunking.

Small blue bullitI currently drive an '89 VW Cabriolet.

Its a Wolfsberg

Left front quater view of Cabrio.

edition w/ground effects and a custom front bumper-spoiler. It's light blue w/purple fogged around the

Cabrio detail- flame lick in front of rear wheel bottom.

And this is what a small deer will do at 45mph......

Wrecked Cabrio

...so once again I'm driving a wreck!
     ;- (

I now have most of the parts to repair it, basically I'm waiting to get another car going before I tear it down.

Small blue bullit I also have "Annie", the yellow bug; "Lady Blue", a '72 bug shortened 14" (not quite finished); & a '76 Harley Sportster (almost finished). Other projects include a 4x4 Dodge and a railbuggy a friend & I are building together.....

New Here are some pics of "Lady Blue":
Shortened blue bug.

Front view     The detail images aren't so great (taken with my cheap digital) but you can tell a little about it.....
Scallop Detail     Color is poor too without good lighting.....

Small blue bullit Well I've wound up with a couple of Datsun 280's - one '77 Z & one '83 ZX - & most of the parts to put a 318 Dodge engine in the Z (don't ask). So it looks like I'll be driving a Z while repairing the Cabrio. I have the 318 Z  :^ ) almost ready (what a pain in the.... neck that has been), I think all I need now is the wiring for gauges & the electric fan, & to find a way to adapt the water temp sending unit. Of course TFM (Typical For Me) - I ordered a Chilton's manual that covered all 280's so I could find out what color the gauge wiring is, & after waiting for a week & a half for it to come in (& a chance to go get it), it was the wrong one.

Anyway, here are new pics of the railbuggy. It's still not finished but it's no longer part mine so my friend is setting his own pace to finish it.

Railbuggy  Railbuggy close-up

Small blue bullit Some of my favorite CD'S were BoDeans, John Fogerty, Four Horsemen, Guns 'n' Roses, Jackel, Indigo Girls, etc. and of course all the old greats like Led Zepplen, Pink Floyd, Stones, CCR, Foghat, Hendrix, Grand Funk, etc. Music USED to be my greatest passion untill my 300+ CD'S were stolen !

Small blue bullit I have N64, Dreamcast, & now Playstation 2, GameCube, & X-Box. Check out my video games page! I love SanFrancisco Rush & Rush 2-they ROCK ! Other GREAT games include Wave Race, Turok, Goldeneye 007, Starfox, MRC Racing, GT 64 and Sega Rally 2 (for the most realistic power-sliding), and the new Monster Truck Madness - you have GOT to try truck soccer and hockey!
Can anyone tell me how to get through the last 4 boards of Bond on 007 difficulty to open up Egypt? I'm told that PC games are better than N64 but haven't seen too many - I have Moto Racer & its a lot of fun. I recently got Driver for the PC and it is a blast! You don't even have to play the game, just "take a drive" and try to keep the cops off your tail ;-)

Small blue bullit (I'm leaving this paragraph unchanged just for fun - it indicates my mindset after just ten weeks of owning a computer ;-) This computer has been a trip! A ten-week self-taught trial-and-error point-and-click drag-and-drop hunt-and-peck (reset!) shortcut-making E-Mail HTML hex-value online-search hardware-installing software-downloading paper-printing web-cruising lost-file looking scan-and-save links tables frames forms java CGI FTP TRIP ! ! ! I'm not sure I understand all I know !

Small blue bullit As for spelunking, CAVEING, I haven't had much time to go lately, plus it's so hard to get people together. I hope to get back into it soon. Meanwhile I have some great cave pictures to share with you soon (a couple of them are in the Photo Gallery).

Small blue bullit Oh yea, I live in Alabama & Georgia, USA. If you E-mail me or sign my guestbook please tell me your age & where you live. I think it is SO COOL that we can "E-TALK" all over the world.

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