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Hi !   Welcome to ANGEL ON EARTH !

New I have now moved this site to my servers! (forget Prodigy!) Prodigy has had problems with their server for over EIGHT months now, preventing me from uploading files to my site! I have dropped Prodigy - the service has been decent & the (phone) tech dept. has been great (but they don't know anything about the home pages), but it took me forever to get them to stop sending me their spam, & now they won't even send me their notices about when they're going to be offline for maintenance. Also, they have teamed up with someone/thing called splitrock, which has been giving me fits with my firewall! I e-mailed splitrock about it & they wouldn't tell me anything, except that they provided services for websites & ISP's (& said they would contact the people causing my problems - which they either did not or it was Prodigy & they didn't bother to contact me!); I had to find out from an outside source that Prodigy had started to use them! And Prodigy won't even answer my e-mails about it or my homepage access!!!
    Also New is the "Auto parts for sale" page, & "Ebay complaints" page.

Purple atom It's going on four years since I got my first computer. I've learned a lot since then! (who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks!) Of course I should have, in the first year I averaged over ten hours a day on this thing! I still spend several hours a day on it, usually updating "Screwed By insurance".
    Actually I spend several hours a day on them; I now have six 'puters networked for testing websites in different environments! I still have more to do to update this site, the most time-intensive is re-writing Robby's tour (if I ever get to that!). It took me about 100 hours to write it (over 600 lines of code); I don't know when I'll have time to re-do it. The photography site that I hoped to have up by now has been put on hold. I have to get the photos transferred from negatives to CD. I've had to move into a temporary residence, & trying to build a place to live: don't know when I'll find time to do the photos thing!

Purple atom Want to hear the latest? I got in the Cabrio today (June 15th), & noticed the steering wheel making a knocking noise. I looked down at the switch, & there was a piece of plastic broken from the column. Some #$%&*! has tried to STEAL MY CAR since the last time I drove it!!!!! Right here in my driveway. While I was here, or walking to the corner store - because that is the only two places I've been for the past two weeks!
    Know what the cop said?
"Well.........., it really won't do any good to file a report" !?!?!?!?! Well I know it won't do any good you JERK - because you & all your buddies in the FULTON COUNTY POLICE DEPT. don't give a rat's be-hind about CRIME!!!!????!!!! I told him just that (in slightly more polite terms :-) , & told him I wanted him to file a report anyway! SOMEBODY TRIED TO STEAL MY CAR OUT OF MY DRIVEWAY & I want it ON RECORD. No wonder the percentage of "solved crimes" has gone up - they don't even file a report on a crime if there's a chance they can't (or they're too lazy to) solve them!!!! The real kicker is I gave them names (jerks my room-mate brought over - I didn't know them) the first time my stuff was stolen - they didn't even give a crap enough to run a rap sheet on them. I doubt they even kept the paper they wrote them on! Then about three months ago I also called the detective (one of them) & told him I found out one of the THEIVES was in the Cherokee co. jail charged with 44 counts of burglary; & Forsyth co. and West Virginia had charges against him as well!!! I gave him the name & number of both detectives in both counties (I talked to them myself); do you think he bothered to call either of them? WELL NO!!!!! I wonder how many folks' lives have been ruined (besides mine) because these !#$%&*! detectives didn't do their job?! I just wish I had the time to build "Screwed". Think I'm kidding? I have the domain name.....and several more stories to tell....

Purple atom Previous guests will notice the absence of the mosaic applet which used to be above; I've moved it to it's own page so that this page will load quicker. I've also changed the buttons to text links for the same reason.

Purple atom Check out CD NOW - they have everything! (even Tonio K. & Frijid Pink!!!) ALWAYS use this link to reach them ( I hope to get some free CD'S, to replace a few of the 300 that were stolen).

Purple atom Also check out the NRA. We're fighting to put criminals in jail ! (even if the police aren't!) If you have RealPlayer & Shockwave, hit the NRA Live site!

Purple atom If you would like to see the photos used in the mosaic applet better, or learn more about me, click on the links below.

Purple atom The "Thanks To" page lists some of the people and places that I've learned from, as well as useful and fun links!

Purple atom In the "Video Games" page I have rated some N64, Dreamcast, and PC games. (PlayStation 1 & 2, GameCube, & X-Box coming when I find time.)

Purple atom After you have seen everything, please sign my guestbook (or send e-mail) & tell me what you think!


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 Mosaic Applet 
This applet used to be at the top of this page....
 About Me 
Just a few boring facts about me and a couple pics of my current ride!
 Thanks To 
Special thanks to the people and places that made this site possible!
 Video Games 
My ratings and comments on N-64 and Dreamcast games - and some CHEAT CODES!
 Photo Album 
Some cool photographs to entertain and inform. ;-)
View my guestbook! THANK YOU to all who have signed!
 Sign Guestbook 
Please sign my guestbook and tell me what you think of my site!
 Dauphin Island Applet 
Playing around with the lake applet and Windoze Paint!
 Jokes & Ponderables 
Something to lighten up the day...& make you go hummm...
 Squash E-Mail Spiders 
Tired of SPAM? Here are some tips...
 Angel On Earth Mind Reader 
I can read your mind through your computer!
 What's wrong with this picture? 
A Pipes screenshot with a twist.
 Consider This 
FACTS about a very important issue!
 Save a Child 
Can you read this without crying?
 Gun Issues Forum 
Post YOUR opinion! But please see CONSIDER THIS & SAVE A CHILD first!
 ? ? ? 
I would not go there if I were you....
 Link To Me 
Banners and cut & paste code.
 Auto parts for sale 
Listing & photos of some of the parts I have for sale.
 Ebay Complaints 
Complaints I have with some of the sellers at ebay.

I try to answer all e-mail!

 Value Web 
Best value anywhere for HOSTING and web DESIGN!
 Site Sense 
CUSTOM website design! Now FLASH enhanced!
 Digital Rescue 
Tutorials to help in your quest for a perfect website.
 Screwed By insurance 
An open forum to find the TRUTH about insurance and insurance companies! If you have insurance, you need to check out this website.


 Angel Realty 
We sell Dauphin Island! I built this site for my brother.
 Family First Fertility 
Complete online fertility resource.
 Veterans Against Stupidity 
Adopt A Palm Beach Voter
 The Law Offices of Melanie Blum 
Attorney, Reproductive Law and Medical Malpractice.
 Justice Rendered 2000 
True stories of those who used their God-given constitutional right to defend themselves.
 Surrogate Creations 
Providing attentive service to Intended Parents, Surrogates, and Egg Donors. (this #%@$& still owes me on this website, AND she removed my "Design by" links at the bottom of the pages (which were part of the contract)!
 Your Land USA 
Resort & retreat lots at remarkably low prices!
 Nottingham Institute 
Educational website.
 Injured Dragon 
Ohio Injured Workers' Alliance, inc.
 Sir 0tter 
Adult comics & comix. 18 yrs. & older please! I "tweaked" this site (made graphics & layout changes).
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Robby Tour!

If you have a browser that can handle Visual Basic scripting (I recommend Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4.01+) and a screen setting of 800 x 600 pixels click on Robby the robot below and HE WILL GIVE YOU A TOUR ! NOTE: If you do not have the Microsoft Agents installed go to the agent download gallery and download and install: 1) the MS Agent 2.0 core files-400KB; 2) the Lemout & Hauspie TruVoice-1MB; 3) character files for Robby-3.1MB; and Merlin-1.7MB. Otherwise, you should be prompted to download if you click on Robby.
Robby the robot

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Purple atom Here are some toys to play with Purple atom

The only way I could find to do this is to include the "exe" files.
You will have to click on the image and then choose "run this program from is current location".
These programs and lots more are available at Otaku World.

NinjaNinja the tomcat and AngelCute little angelare screenmates.

NekoNeko the little white kitty will chase your curser.

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